A milestone for Shalimar shelter

Shalimar center is a shelter for cats and dogs which are found in the streets of cities and villages all over Iran. You can read more about this project on this website https://ngosimba.nl/project/.

Recently, we have been able to rent a piece of land near Isfahan, where we are able to offer the first few dogs a save and loving environment where they are well taken care of until they found a new home.

The animals have been treated for their medical issues and received all vaccinations.

Currently we are working on some constructional issues and essentials like electricity and water in order to improve the situation for the dogs on the land.

We are very happy and thankful that we were able to realize the first steps for our Shalimar shelter.

A special thanks goes to Pureia Pakmanesh, our dedicated volunteer in Isfahan Iran who has made this milestone for Shalimar shelter possible. His commitment and perseverance is so valuable for us.