Wildlife rehabilitation care center


We intend to establish a passive animal hospital and wildlife-rehabilitation care in Yazd, central Iran.

In the hospital many kinds of wild and domestic animals (varying in size from for example a rabbit or a cat to animals with the size of an adult horse or donkey) will receive medical treatment. The hospital will be established for animals which are injured or otherwise in need, but is also open for animal owners who want to have medical treatment for their animals, of course against paying the treatment costs.

Once the injured animals are cured and rehabilitated, wild animals will be returned to nature and domestic animals without an owner will be placed with a new owner or participate in for example the dog training programs of NGO Simba.

Recently, a student of University Twente designed a basic plan for the animal hospital and wildlife-rehabilitation care.

The current projects can be considered as sub-projects, including the following:

  1. Revise the design, studies and calculations of the previous report of University Twente.
  2. Complete what is missing in the existing design.
  3. If preferred, start a new design and studies for the animal hospital and wildlife-rehabilitation care.
  4. Interior design of the animal hospital and wildlife-rehabilitation care.
  5. Calculations on energy supply, water supply etc.
  6. A business model for this center
  7. Information on equipment for the hospital

Additional information:

The following information is already available and will be given to you at the beginning of the project:

  • General technical points for designing this center
  • Previous study on the design of the building by university Twente

 Output requirements:

  • At the beginning, a clear concept of the plan after primary studies.
  • A news item for the website in which the students introduce themselves and their concept.
  • Revision of the existing design and calculations or new design, studies and calculations.
  • Conceptual and sketch design.
  • Design of the center in 2D and 3D.
  • Project plan report with cost estimation and analysis.
  • PowerPoint presentation.

Note: NGO Simba will supervise the students intensively. We will have comments and requirements in each step of the project. For example, for providing water and power we want renewable technologies to be considered etc. and we have general suggestions and comments which need to be followed. Next to that it should be noted that whenever students are comparing different methods or materials, we want to see the advantages and disadvantages of each method / material and comparison of them with each other.