Animation Movie & Documentary

A lot of support and funding is needed for our projects and that is why NGO Simba came up with the idea to make an animation movie / documentary. The result serves several purposes, namely:

  • Make people understand the uniqueness of Iranian nature and wildlife and the threats it faces, paying attention to the not very bright future conditions and the global impact this has as well on the entire world.
  • Explain the mission and vision of NGO Simba and educate adults and children about the need for environmental protection in Iran.
  • Create a desire to do something good, a commitment to saving Iranian nature and wildlife.
  • Make movie viewers take the next step, which is support NGO Simba.

Additional information:

The following information is already collected and will be given to you at the beginning of the project:

  • Environmental situation of Iran
  • NGO Simba birth certificate including who we are, what we do, our mission, vision and values

Output requirements:

  • At the beginning, a clear concept of the plan after primary studies.
  • A news item for the website in which the students introduce themselves and their concept.
  • Animation movie / documentary which explains NGO Simba and meets the other described purposes of the project.