Wisdom is not a product of schooling
but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

Armaiti is the name of the old Iranian goddess of the earth, taking care of all life on it. Supplying all their needs, with the experience, knowledge and wisdom of thousands of years, but always open to new opportunities to make the earth a better place.

From the beginning of time people depended on agriculture and livestock to satisfy their primary needs in life. Plants and animals were used to provide food, clothing, medicines, heat etc. In today’s modern society, although lots of new technologies were introduced to supply people’s needs otherwise, plants and animals still play an important role in satisfying these needs. Moreover, people nowadays have the tendency to return to the old ways, as they learned about the negative consequences of new technologies the hard way, such as drought.

That is why we created the Armaiti project, in which a knowledge center for agricultural and livestock farming will be established. This knowledge center will educate farmers and others about environmentally friendly techniques to run their businesses in a profitable way, without damaging our precious earth.


In our efforts to protect nature and wildlife in Iran, we learned very soon that you cannot be successful in this field without having attention for the needs of the people sharing their habitat with them, who are many times farmers.

Farmers work hard to supply us with our needs, while at the same time they try to make some money for their families. But in Iran, farmers are also many times not very concerned with the interests of nature and wildlife around them. In order to bridge this gap, we created Armaiti project.


The mission of Armaiti project is to improve the knowledge of Iranian farmers about the latest environmental-friendly techniques for both agriculture and livestock farming, while preserving the good techniques from the past. Through the education the living conditions of both farmers and their plants and animals will improve, their businesses will be more succesful and they will have more attention for nature and wildlife around them because they do not have to worry constantly anymore about making enough money for their families. Which, in the end, makes the earth a better place for all life on it.


The vision of Armaiti project is protecting nature and wildlife by educating Iranian farmers on new environmental-friendly techniques. This helps increase the living standards of farmers and their families while nature and wildlife profit from a more sustainable environment.


The key value of Armaiti project is education. By educating the farmers on new techniques they will be able to improve their companies yields, making them less concerned about the financial situation of their families. This gives them the opportunity to pay attention to other things around them, like nature and wildlife.

Nature Protection
Nature and wildlife profit in several ways from Armaiti project. Due to the better, environmental-friendly techniques of farming their habitats will improve instantly, now and in future. Next to that farmers will also be educated about nature and wildlife itself, learning them to care about  nature in their own backyard.

Income generation and a sustainable economy
The incomes of farmers will rise due to the implementation of the new techniques. This gives them more income to spend on for example food, clothing, education for their children and so on. The purchases of these goods and services are regularly done in the area where the farmer is living, which helps stores etc. gain more income as well. The result is that the income situation of the whole area will improve, creating indirectly more opportunities for so many other people than the farmers.

Connecting the world
Armaiti project is focused on connecting the world, knowledge exchange is the way to do it. Iranian farmers lack the knowledge which is already available in more developed countries. Why not share this knowledge so that everyone can profit from it? There are 7,5 milliard people on this earth and this number is growing still. All these people need to be provided with food, clothing, medicines, heat etc. Farmers play an essential role in providing these needs. It would be very unwise to neglect the opportunities Iran has to offer in this endeavor.