Coming soon: Animation ‘Awaken’


Joining hands
After a previous successful cooperation on the Animal Hospital project, NGO Simba and University of Twente joined hands again. This time in developing an original animation for NGO Simba called ‘Awaken’. The animation serves as a purpose to tell the story about the challenges and difficulties the nature and wildlife in Iran has dealt with in the past and faces in the future.

Adventurous journey
The story goes about an Iranian girl, who stumbles upon some very special travel companions. Together they go on an adventurous journey through the past and present of Iran. They witness how the landscape in all her diversity flourishes and how the willdlife scenary lives prosperous. But they also will encounter some tragic moments, which leads to the moment in where the girl will be faced with some important, life-changing and difficult questions about the importance of her future life and that of other people as well.

Lots of hours later
The animation is single handedly created by the hands of Daowu Yang, a third-year bachelor Industrial Design student of University of Twente. During this process he is being professionally supervised by Esther Tjepkema, our graphic design volunteer, and, the president of the NGO, Marjan van der Schaaf. Daowu took upon the enormous task to design, create, produce and animate every single shot, frame, subject and details of the complete animation independently. A job that isn’t suited for everyone. A lot of hours have been put into this project and it has such a warm place in our hearts that we hardly can’t wait to share the results once the animation is completed.

Once the releasedate is set, we will update you here where and when you can watch the animation movie. For now you can take a look at the beautiful poster, that is designed by Daowu Yang, for promoting the movie.