Cooperation with Stichting Twinbears


Cooperation with other foundations has been an important aspect of NGO Simba from the beginning. Remember our motto:

“Imagine what would happen if each and everyone of us commited to do one thing – no matter how small- to protect wildlife every day. Even minor actions can have a major impact when we all work together.”

Unique twin toys

This motto is not only valid for nature and wildlife protection, but for everything in life. That is why we reached out to Stichting Twinbears, a Dutch foundation with a very special mission.

Edith and Carla are knitting unique twin toys. The toys are sold on several markets throughout the year. Each toy is made with skills and a lot of love and has a unique character. If a customer buys a twin, the link between the two toys is cut and there is a selection taking place: one of the toys is donated to a child in need and the other one goes home with the customer, to be given to someone dear to them or for themselves.

Before selling, all animals have been photographed and are given a certificate with this photo. This way, both receivers can see that they have a twin animal in their hands. The assortment consists of bears, monkeys, rabbits, mice, elephants, cats, hamsters, turtles, parrots, crocodiles, zebras, giraffes,
donkeys, frogs etc.

Stichting Twinbears in Iran

NGO Simba has taken it on themselves to be the distributor for Stichting Twinbears in Iran. Each time our founder and president, Marjan van der Schaaf, goes to Iran she brings with herself around 40 twin toys for Iranian children in need.

She has already brought animals to a hospital for children with metabolic illness and to children in several schools in South Tehran. And she will continue to make children happy anywhere in Iran with the lovely toys of Stichting Twinbears.

According to Marjan:

“The Twinbears are such a wonderful initiative, and we wholeheartedly support the idea. Animals, our core value, are making a connection between Iran and The Netherlands, by giving the children a friend for live. We have to make this world better together, and what is more beautiful then to do it through the future generation?”

More information

For more information, visit and the facebook page of Twinbears.