Every problem has a solution and every solution needs support

Food and medicine

One of the most important activities of our NGO is rescuing animals in need and protect them, supply them with food and medicine and give them ongoing care to recover from illness, injury or trauma.

Considering the fact that there are so many animals in Iran which need help immediately, we urgently need your support. Next to that the population of stray cats and dogs needs to be controlled by castration and sterilization as a long-term solution for the problem.

Working clothes

Our volunteers are working day and night, to provide food and medicine to animals in need as much as possible. Good equipment is therefore of great importance. Without good equipment like overalls, shoes, transportation etc. the work of our dedicated volunteers becomes even harder considering the fact that they already work under difficult circumstances in Iran.

However, since the top priority of our NGO are the animals, there is little budget left to spend on equipment such as clothes and transportation.

That is why we would be very grateful if you could sponsor us with one or more of the items you find in the list below, ….


In today’s world, where digital communication is of such great importance, an NGO like ours has to participate fully in all new means of communication which have been developed over the last few years. Simply, because otherwise we would have no possibilities to connect to you, our sponsors, which has a direct and dramatic effect on our projects for nature and wildlife.

On the other hand, technical equipment such as computers and communication devices are also indispensable for our workers in the field, when they see ….