Establishing Armaiti knowledge center


Armaiti is a knowledge center for agricultural and livestock farming. This knowledge center will educate farmers and others about environmental-friendly and animal friendly-techniques to run their businesses in a profitable way, while minimizing the biocapacity usage and reduce their environmental footprint. Beside introducing new techniques, it is also about preserving the good techniques from the past.

In order to achieve this, farmers are amongst others able to follow multiple classes on several fields of agriculture and livestock farming, conferences will be organized and personal advice for farmers by experts will be made available.

Next to that the knowledge center can play a role in bringing together supply and demand, for example in the field of seeds, cattle, farming machineries etc.

NGO Simba intends to establish Armaiti knowledge center in Firoozabad, Fars province, Iran.

Examples of fields of expertise in which the center can assist farmers are amongst others but not limited to the following information, programs and plans:

  • Water Management: Irrigation, recirculation, water storage and treatment, substrate cultivation etc.
  • Crop Management: Cultivation systems, crop protection, IPM, starting material (young plants, seeds) and propagation etc.
  • Climate and Energy: Climate management, sustainable energy (solar, biomass, geothermal) etc.
  • Post-Harvest and Logistics: Post harvest procedures and treatments, export, transport, ICT etc.
  • Research and Knowledge Exchange: Studies, seminars, capacity building, joint research and testing etc.

For this project we need a road map and a project plan which explains:

  1. What information (i.e.: theoretical and practical methods and updated technologies) in all fields of education should be collected for Armaiti center and which of these technologies / methods should be demonstrated at the center to make it as educational as possible.
  2. What courses Armaiti can offer to overcome the challenges like drought or increasing production performance or even answers to simple questions like what and how to plant according to current situation of Firoozabad.
  3. Which processes after collection of the raw products can be added to increase the added values of products and which educational programs should be prepared about this subject.
  4. Defining business possibilities for Armaiti to create revenues and prepare a business model about how to make the center self-supporting and profitable.

Additional information

The following information is already collected and will be given to you at the beginning of the project:

  • Environment situation of Iran
  • Complete farming situation in Fars province and Firoozabad
  • Meteorological data and maps of Firoozabad
  • The first research report about Armaiti project, by students from the Agricultural University Wageningen, called “Stimulating sustainable farming in Iran through participatory knowledge transfer”.

Output requirements:

  • At the beginning, a clear concept of the plan after primary studies.
  • A news item for the website in which the students introduce themselves and their concept.
  • Project plan report and systematic road map
  • All of the other output mentioned above
  • PowerPoint presentation.

Note: NGO Simba will supervise the students intensively. We will have comments and requirements in each step of the project. For example, for providing water and power we want renewable technologies to be considered etc. and we have general suggestions and comments which need to be followed. Next to that it should be noted that whenever students are comparing different methods or materials, we want to see the advantages and disadvantages of each method /material and comparison of them with each other.