Golden Road Tour – 18 days itinerary


When traveling to Iran many travelers avoid Teheran which is regrettable. The city has beautiful palaces, interesting museums, amazing bazars, nice parks and art exhibitions and many other activities which should not be missed.



When traveling to Iran many travelers avoid Teheran which is regrettable. The city has beautiful palaces, interesting museums, amazing bazars, nice parks and art exhibitions and many other activities which should not be missed.



After breakfast you will be picked up by your guide to visit several of the beautiful palaces of Teheran. You will spend the afternoon seeing some of the most impressive sights of the Iranian capital.



Today you will spend your day in and around the Teheran Grand Bazaar and its surroundings. Your guide will take you to places you would never have imagined in a mega-city like Teheran.



Teheran has a lot of beautiful museums and today you will be visiting some of them. After that you will have a surprising walk on the nature bridge. At night you will be travelling to Isfahan.


Isfahan is Iran’s top tourist destination and for a good reason. With its magnificent buildings, gardens, boulevards and bridges it cannot be compared to any other Iranian city. The historic bazaar around the Unesco-listed central square provides a multitude of artist workshops where you can experience the amazing craftmanship of Iran.



In the morning you will be accompanied by your guide to a very special part of Isfahan, Jolfa. With its cathedral and specific coffeeshops it seems like you find yourself in a piece of abroad. The afternoon is reserved for a visit to amongst others the famous bridges of Isfahan.



Today some of the famous mosques of Isfahan will be visited, as well as the amazing imam square and the historic bazar around it. After that you will have some time to shop, or, if you prefer that, your guide will take you for another interesting experience.



An outdoor day today, in the morning you will visit the famous bird garden of Isfahan and in the afternoon you will spend some time at the beautiful mountains around Isfahan. You will spend the night at your hotel in Isfahan.


Shiraz is often referred to as the heartland of Persian culture, it is the area from where the great Persian kings ruled their immense empires for centuries. The city itself has also so many beautiful buildings and due to its famous poets Hafez and Sa’adi it became a synonym for education, nightingales, poetry and wine.



You will leave Isfahan early in the morning to arrive around lunch time in the area of Pasargad and Persepolis. Your guide will give you an extensive explanation about both historic sites after which you will be taken to your hotel.



Today you will visit with your guide all interesting sites of Shiraz city such as the tombs of the poets Hafez and Sa’adi, the gardens of Shiraz, the pink mosque etc. You will spend the night at the hotel.



Shiraz and its surroundings offer so many things to see and that is why today you will visit the city of Bishapour and the Anahid Temple. If the season of your travel is suitable you will also visit the salt lake of the area.


Yazd is a typical desert city, surrounded by two large deserts in the north and the south. Its mud-brick houses, maze of historic lanes throughout the inner part of the old city, the wind towers and its hidden treasures such as tea houses give you a feeling of adventure which is not comparable to other Iranian cities.



After your arrival to Yazd around lunch time you will have a lunch and a short rest at your hotel, after which your guide will take you to some interesting sites such as the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, several mosques, the water museum and historical schools.



Today you will explore another part of the old city of Yazd, amongst others its gardens, historical inner city, traditional houses, towers etc. You will spend the night at your hotel.



After an early breakfast and check-out you will be visiting amongst others one of the oldest and most impressive caravan posts of Iran. It will take you back to the days of the silk road, which also crossed Iran. At night you will travel to Varzaneh.


Allthough Varzaneh is unknown to many travelers, the region located in Isfahan province offers many interesting sites. It is located along a branch of the Silk Road and therefore it has significant historical importance. The region also offers plenty of options for a more active holiday.



During your drive along a branch of the Silk Road you will find yourself visiting an old caravan post, a fresh water spring and several traditional mills. After a short rest your guide has prepared a beautiful sunset agenda for you!



Another interesting day in Varzaneh. After a relaxed breakfast you will visit some other interesting sites of Varzaneh, like the pigeon tower, the old bridge and the 600 year old mosque. In the evening you will leave for Kashan.


Kashan is a very special city, with its many old traditional houses, Unesco recognised garden and festivals like the rosewater festival. It is also a very romantic city with many interesting sites to see which are unknown to many travelers still.



After an early breakfast your guide will pick you up to show you some of the beautiful old traditional houses. In the afternoon you will visit a traditional bath house, some of the gardens and you have free shopping time to make some last-minute purchases.



Today you will visit some beautiful sites of Kashan, namely the underground city of Noosh-Abad and the waterfalls and gardens near Kashan. A trip to the Sialk Mounds completes your last day in Kashan. In the night you will travel to Teheran.



Your last day in Iran will be spend in Teheran where you will visit the carpet museum and some of the more modern sites of Teheran, like Milad tower. At night you will travel to the airport to catch your flight back to Holland in the early morning.