Help animal flood victims


Torrential rain during the Iranian new year holiday has caused horrible floods in almost every province of Iran, causing several deaths and many injuries, beside enormous damages.

For the next days, even more rain is predicted. While the heavy flooding continues, many provinces are gearing up for days of rescue work.

Another, less illuminated aspect of these horrible floodings is saving the poor animals who are also affected by this natural calamity. Animals suffer just like people do. Our response work is vital in helping them recover as quickly and effectively as possible.

We want to provide:

  • immediate aid to animals injured from the floods;
  • emergency vet kits, including dressings for wounds, and treatments for diarrhoea, pneumonia and other potential post-flood diseases;
  • assessment of animals’ longer-term needs, in partnership with Iranian NGO’s.

Help us now to save animals from these terrible floods!

You can donate to our bank account:

Simba Nature Protection
Account number NL 90 ABNA 0250 9057 36
The Netherlands

SIMBA to 3010.
(Costs 3,00 euro per donation)