Water management Khorsid


The ‘Khorshid’ Project is one of our longer and more comprehensive projects. The project is aimed on improving the situation of nature and wildlife in cooperation with the Quashqai population of Bourzakan in Fars Province, near Shiraz.

Water Management

One of the projects, that is integrated within the ‘Khorshid’ Project, is about water management. From September, 2019 a group of students from two different Applied Science Universities from The Netherlands, Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch and HZ University of Applied Sciences
in Vlissingen, worked together on a plan to improve the water situation of Bourzakan.

For the students from the Avans Hogeschool the project was a small module with a timespan of a few weeks. According to the guidelines of the HZ University, these students put down the basic research which thereafter was taken over by the student from the HZ University. She will use the basic information for her in-depth thesis till June 2020.

Win-win situation

The students from the Avans Hogeschool did much research beforehand which made it easier for the student from the HZ University to deepen her knowledge about specific aspects of the assignment. On the other hand the students from the Avans Hogeschool benefited from the expert knowledge the student from the HZ University had to offer.

It was a unique cooperation between two universities, that has not been executed in this form before, but it proved to be a win-win situation. The coordination of this project was taken on by the president of NGO Simba, Marjan van der Schaaf.

Currently, the research of HZ University of Applied Science is still ongoing and we are looking forward to receive the final plan for the water situation in Bourzakan.