Graduation on Negin project


Graduated engineers

Tuesday 2nd July was a special day for our Building Technology Sustainable Design students Naftany van Zwaaij and Priyadarshini Nanda. On this day they became graduated engineers from TU Delft University. After an intensive study trajectory that lasted from September 2018 till June 2019, in which the ladies studied every aspect of building Negin Safari Park, they finally had their graduation day.

Sustainable water management and energy reduction techniques

Priya specialized her design on sustainable water management and Naftany focused on passive techniques to reduce the energy demand of the park.

During the first period of their studies there was intensive contact with Team Delft, consisting of Grytsje de Boer, Mees Dekkers and Luc Haagh, in order to get all the data Priya and Naftany needed to conduct their research. It was a unique cooperation between two separate faculties of TU Delft which was not seen before.

Next to that Priya and Naftany received intensive guidance from their teachers, Frank Schnater and Christien Janssen, as well as from our president Marjan van der Schaaf and Ali Reza Osanlou.

Ideas for Negin Safari Park

On graduation day the ladies held their final presentations, in the presence of their family and friends, their teachers, the official examiner Rein ten Have and Marjan van der Schaaf. Both Priya and Naftany held very good presentations and their thesis brought Stichting Simba new ideas about building Negin Safari Park.

Therefore it did not take the examiners too long to deliberate about the numbers and both Priya and Naftany graduated with good numbers.