Nature and Wildlife Management


This project is about mapping nature and wildlife as a first step and after that prepare a plan and recommendations for improvement of the nature and wildlife situation. As a case study we consider Kel-plain with 7000 ha area, which is the home of our Negin Safari park project ( or Bourzakan with 3000 ha area, our focus area for the Khorsid project ( Both areas are located near Firoozabad, Fars province. We will choose one of these areas on the moment of assignment.

The purpose of this project is to conduct studies and collect biological data on plants and animals, write the findings and make recommendations to either policymakers or the general public regarding conservation issues. Students can prepare education lessons for local government as well as the public about issues such as environmental risks, prevention of diseases, habitat improvements and conservation policy. Of course, preventing illegal trafficking of plants and animals or animal parts used in the pet trade or for medicinal purposes is also part of the task.

Additional information:

The following information is already available and will be given to you at the beginning of the project:

  • Collected data of available mammals and birds from department of environment
  • Catalogue of medicinal plants that grow in Fars province
  • UTM map including topography of area
  • Meteorological Data of Firoozabad (short and long term)

Output requirements:

  • At the beginning, a clear concept of the plan after primary studies.
  • A news item for the website in which the students introduce themselves and their concept.
  • Project plan report with cost estimation and analysis.
  • PowerPoint presentation.

Note: NGO Simba will supervise the students intensively. We will have comments and requirements in each step of the project. For example, for providing any kind of water and power solution we want renewable technologies to be considered etc. and we have general suggestions and comments which need to be followed. Next to that it should be noted that whenever students are comparing different methods or materials, we want to see the advantages and disadvantages of each method /material and comparison of them with each other.