Let us remember that wild animals have made us who we are.

They are essential to our foundation, to our very existence. Wild animals keep our world alive.
Without them, there is no us.

Negin is the Iranian name for jewel, sparkling, bright and shining it is hidden in its surroundings, waiting to be discovered.

The breathtaking nature of Iran is being harmed by its people. The situation is getting worse every day, because of their lack of knowledge and commitment to this nature. It is getting more obvious because of drought, which is one of the biggest challenges of mankind in this century. That is why, we believe this nature deserves a voice! And it needs an action!

The challenge is addressed by NGO Simba through establishing projects that all answer an aspect of this problem with elements of education, preservation and protection of Iranian nature and wildlife. Local actions to contribute to the larger picture. Our response, as Negin Project, is to build a sustainable Safari Park with introducing the latest environmental friendly technologies.


In 2017, the idea started with a request of members of Qashqai tribe who live in Firoozabad,  Fars province, Iran. They asked for an environmental based project to raise their economic situation. NGO Simba has welcomed this opportunity to use it for a larger cause. The very first move was travelling to the area and discussing possibilities with anyone who would be involved with this project.

The continuation of the project resumed in the Netherlands. NGO Simba reached out to Dutch universities and this led to the cooperation between TU Delft and NGO Simba on this project. A multidisciplinary group of students were selected to take care of desk research and field study.


The Negin Project is committed to bridging the gap between the Iranian and their surrounding nature. The first achievement of establishing the Negin Safari Park  is causing nature protection. Also, it will introduce a new way of thinking among these people with the unique manner of applying new technologies, stimulating the local economy and emphasising the beauty of the region.


The purpose of the Negin Safari Park is to bring back balance to Iranian nature and its people, on mission with sustainability, facilitated by educating them and motivated by their love for their nature.


Nature protection
The Negin Safari Park is to create an interactive safari park to establish a direct and indirect impact on nature protection. The value of the Negin Safari Park is an original design in which a sense of responsibility is established to create commitment to the larger cause of protecting and preserving the Iranian nature.

An essential aspect of the Negin Safari Park is education. It will reconstruct and add thoughts and beliefs of how people should interact with nature. By addressing the problems in nature as consequence of human actions, it should create a sense of accountability to break the vicious cycle of negatively affecting nature.

The value of innovation can be found in the latest environmental friendly technologies and in the entrepreneurial stimulation of Negin Safari Park to become an active participant for future environmental improvements.

Sustainable economy
Sustainable economy will be a crucial aspect of the Negin Safari Park as it is of great importance that the safari park will be self sufficient, future-ready and prosperous. It brings new job opportunities which will be environmentally oriented to not only restore, but also improve the economic situation of the local community.