Saving nature and wildlife is the responsibility of all people.

All life has just one home – the earth – and we as the highest developed species must take care of it.
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    Negin Project

    Negin is the Iranian name for jewel, sparkling, bright and shining it is hidden in its surroundings, waiting to be discovered.

    The breathtaking nature of Iran is being harmed by its people. The situation is getting worse every day, because of their lack of knowledge and commitment to this nature. It is getting more obvious because of drought, which is one of the biggest challenges of mankind in this century. That is why, we believe this nature deserves a voice! And it needs an action!

    The challenge is addressed by NGO Simba through establishing projects that all answer an aspect of this problem with elements of education, preservation and protection of Iranian nature and wildlife. Local actions to contribute to the larger picture. Our response, as Negin Project, is to build a sustainable Safari Park with introducing the latest environmental friendly technologies. <…Read More…>

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    Armaiti Project

    Armaiti is the name of the old Iranian goddess of the earth, taking care of all life on it. Supplying all their needs, with the experience, knowledge and wisdom of thousands of years, but always open to new opportunities to make the earth a better place.

    From the beginning of time people depended on agriculture and livestock to satisfy their primary needs in life. Plants and animals were used to provide food, clothing, medicines, heat etc. In today’s modern society, although lots of new technologies were introduced to supply people’s needs otherwise, plants and animals still play an important role in satisfying these needs. Moreover, people nowadays have the tendency to return to the old ways, as they learned about the negative consequences of new technologies the hard way, such as drought.

    That is why we created the Armaiti project, in which a knowledge center for agricultural and livestock farming will be established. This knowledge center will educate farmers and others about environmentally friendly techniques to run their businesses in a profitable way, without damaging our precious earth. <…Read More…>

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    Khorshid Project

    Khorsid is the Iranian name for sun, the creator of all new life, energetic, warm and brightly shining over the whole world.

    We choose a “deprived village” and with the help of volunteers and its people we recreate that village. Raising the life quality for its residents and change the deprived village into a prosperous, future-ready community where local people can find work, generate a healthy income and raise their family, through unique activities which are all related to nature protection and education. <… Read More …>

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    Shalimar Project

    Shalimar is an ancient name, dating back as far as the times of shah Tahmasp, when a man named Humayun took refuge at the Iranian court. So many years later his great-grandson, shah Jahan, build the enchanting Gardens of Shalimar for the love of his live, princess Mumtaz Mahal.

    Actually, this story summarizes Shalimar project in a nut-shell. Humayun was an exile when he came to the Iranian court. With the help of the powerful shah he became a shah himself. His family increased their strength and power, after which his great-grandson had the opportunity to create something beautiful for the love of his live.

    That is exactly what Shalimar project does, for cats and dogs which are also exiles. <…Read More…>