They are living creatures, very similar to humans.

They deserve to be treated as a part of the family.

Every creature has the right to live. Unfortunately, not all of them can live like a prince or princess, but they should at least be provided with regular meals and a warm and safe roof over their heads.  But this is not the case for many Iranian cats and dogs. They are roaming the busy streets of mega-cities like Tehran, looking for something to eat and many times getting chased away by angry citizens who consider them at best as inconvenient or worse, unclean. Anxiously they move on, facing traffic accident hazards and all other risks of life on the streets.

That is why we created Shalimar project. With the help of dedicated volunteers and donations from animal lovers all over the world we can help animals which are so close to us to live a life they deserve.


Shalimar project started with the story of our first cat, Katty. In December 2017 one of our volunteers found this beautiful, curious, play-full mixed ginger/white in one of the water channels which commonly run down the streets of Tehran. Katty was only about one month old when he was found, wet and dirty, with what looked like several fractures in his small body.

Of course, he was taken immediately to a veterinarian, who took the necessary photos and confirmed that Katty had multiple fractures. Then, a sponsoring action to donate for Katty was launched through Telegram in Iran. A lot of people responded to this request through social media and offered their help. The decision was made to continue sponsoring Katty until he would be completely up and running.

Unfortunately, during a check-up, it was found that beside his bone fractures, he also had some other health issues, amongst others regarding his defecation. Thankfully, the great caretakers were able to help Katty regain complete health again!

Coming this far, he has shown great strength and got us all a very happy ending; Katty was adopted by an Iranian actress and found a new and loving home where he in fact can live the good life he deserves!

But the fact still remains. The life of Katty could have taken a completely different path and destiny. Literally hundreds of people saw him in that water channel, but only one took an action and that “one” was enough to change his entire life and destiny!  Without this person he would have certainly died, being only one month old without experiencing the beauty of live and the love of a dedicated human being. And there are so many other cats and dogs out there, with similar stories, which also need that “one” person.  Let Shalimar project be that “one” person for all these cats and dogs!


The mission of Shalimar project consists of two connected activities.  The first step is to organize social media networks like Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram which help raise funds for saving other cats and dogs, like Katty. Our dedicated volunteers take these animals off the streets and make sure that they get all the love and care they need, until they find a new home. The second goal of Shalimar project is to establish a professional animal care center near Tehran, where all facilities are available to give the animals a perfect new start in life.  Finally, similar care centers near other cities of Iran will be established.


The vision of Shalimar project is taking as much as possible cats and dogs off the Iranian streets, provide them with medical care and love, resulting in finding them a great new home where they can live the good life they deserve!


Animal Protection
This is the first and most important value of Shalimar project, it offers direct help to cats and dogs in need. We take them off the streets, protecting them from all dangers that living in the streets amongst people who see them many times as unclean, entails.

Education is a very important value of Shalimar project, we want to educate people about the importance of animals like cats and dogs for our own well-being and to stop people from being inconsiderate when they see an animal suffering.

Social cooperation
Shalimar project wants to improve social cooperation amongst people. Nowadays social networks like Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram connect people. An excellent opportunity to give content to our motto: “Imagine what would happen if each and every one of us committed to do one thing – no matter how small – to protect animals every day. Even minor actions can have a major impact when we all work together”.

Sustainable economy
As all the Simba projects, Shalimar project will also generate its own income once the animal care center is established. This way the center can provide for its own needs and the rest of the yields will be used to help even more cats and dogs off the Iranian streets.