NGO Simba becomes an ANBI

On 7 July 2018 we received the wonderful news from the Dutch Tax Authorities that, as a NGO, we are recognized as an ANBI.

What it means for a NGO to be an ANBI

Receiving a ANBI status is a recognition by the Dutch Tax Authorities that Stichting Simba Nature Protection and Education Foundation is indeed working on a good cause and that the money which is donated to us is well spend.

Demands to become and keep the status of an ANBI

In order to get this recognition, there are a number of demands which must be met, such as publication of for example project plans and financial data on the website and with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, for the purpose of allowing everyone to see what is done with their donations.

Next to that there has to be a board of at least three persons, whereas each of them has their own task, as well as lots of other requirements which have to be met before becoming an ANBI.

Advantages that come with a ANBI status

Having the ANBI status has a lot of advantages for the foundation. It makes it easier to have volunteers working with the organization and we do not have to pay taxes over large contributions and donations.

It also makes a big difference in contacting companies and persons for business and donations. Due to the fact that when a company or a person donates to our foundation now, they will have certain tax advantages which can raise up to large numbers. This makes it of course much more interesting to donate to our foundation or to do business with us.

More information

You can find more information about this subject on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities and here.