The first team on Negin Project


For the Negin project, a Dutch team of Delft University of Technology arrived in Iran and travelled to Firoozabad county on the first of November. In this area, the Negin project will be realized. We will give a brief overview of who they are, what they already did and what will be done in the coming future.

A Dutch team to Iran

The members of the team who are currently in Iran conducting a field study on the Negin project, are Luc Haagh, Grytsje de Boer and Mees Dekkers.

A second team in Delft

Next to this team of researchers currently working in Iran, two students stayed behind in Delft to work on the design of the safari center. Priyadarshini Nanda and Naftany van Zwaaij are both master students in Building Technology. They will design the safari park in a sustainable way.


In the months prior to their arrival, the team has been working on few papers. In this research, they looked at the feasibility of the project, they made a basic business model for the safari park and they made a plan for the field study. From the first of November onwards, they are conducting the research according this plan in Iran.

They started with getting to know the beautiful Iranian culture and nature to get a better view on the project. Now, after a few weeks they are used to the Iranian way and are getting able to communicate with locals. In the coming weeks, the team will continue its research on the great possibilities in the region to set up a safari park.

This safari park will help to the ultimate goal of NGO Simba:

‘Nature protection and nature education in the broadest sense of the word.’