Two successful lectures


On 11 and 12 December 2018, our founder and president, Marjan van der Schaaf gave two lectures.

NGO Simba

The first lecture was at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. For a group of around 50 interested students Marjan explained about NGO Simba, its goals and our projects. The lecture was organized by the student association Animoso. After the lecture there was an opportunity to ask questions and discuss everything what the students heard in the presentation.

Many students took the opportunity to ask Marjan specific questions about possible internships, graduation thesis and volunteer work for NGO Simba. This resulted already in two new volunteers, one of them will be engaged in Shalimar project and the other one will work on educational materials about many types of animals, starting with goats, sheep and cows. The educational material will contain information about the animals, how they have to be taken care of in a proper way, illnesses and how to prevent them etc.


The other lecture was held in a senior citizens home in Leeuwarden. Here Marjan explained mainly about Iran and its beautiful nature and culture. She showed the 20 people present beautiful photos of Iran and she explained about NGO Simba and its purpose.

Next to that Marjan explained to the attendees about the unique cooperation between NGO Simba and the senior citizens home, which consists of three parts:

  1. Cooperation with the craft club: the members of the craft club of the senior citizens home will use their skills in handicraft to make products for NGO Simba which can be sold in the sales points of NGO Simba products.
  2. NGO Simba will organize trips, lectures, presentations etc. to give the senior citizens some activities in their daily routine and receives a small financial compensation for this.
  3. (Iranian) products from NGO Simba are sold in the senior citizens home, to give the senior citizens an opportunity to shop close to home, because they are many times not able anymore to go to the city center for buying presents and NGO Simba gets some financial resources for our projects as well.

The attendees were all very enthusiastic and we had a wonderful afternoon. In the end they were so kind to held a collection which resulted in some financial donations for NGO Simba.